Beautiful Hands

Pamper Your Hands

Our manicure is a luxury treatment in which cuticles are soaked and tidied, nails are shaped, buffed and polished and hands are massaged and moisturised! Add exfoliation and heated mitts for even more indulgence and choose from over 200 colours in standard polish or Gel polish by professional market leading brands.

Our Treatments

File, cuticle work, massage and standard polish.
French Manicure
File, cuticle work, massage and french polish
Deluxe Manicure
File, cuticle work, exfoliation, heated mitts, massage and standard polish.
Express Manicure
File, cuticle work and standard polish.
Manicure with Gel Polish
File, cuticle work, hand scrub, massage and Gel polish.
Gel Polish Application
File and Gel polish, hand scrub and massage.
Remove and Replace Gel Polish
Removal, file and re application of Gel Polish, hand scrub and massage.
Gel Removal and Standard Polish
Removal, file, cuticle work, massage and standard polish application.
Gel Removal only
Removal, file and cuticle work, nail treatment and oil.
IBX Repair System
An intense nail repair treatment offering professional help for weak and damaged nails. This intensive strengthening treatment works so you can build up length and durability starting from the inside out. Excellent for natural nails that require help with growth and it is also a complete protective shield under Gel polish. file, cuticle work, IBX application and standard polish.

IBX Boost

A flexible and strong over the top universal nail coating that will smooth, strengthen, protect and act as a buffer layer under other services. Can be used in conjunction with IBX Repair System for added strength and protection.